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  • Inception: Is Reality a Dream?

    In this video, I discuss Christopher Nolan’s film, Inception, and its stance on whether or not reality is really real. For the Elon Musk video I mention in the talk, click here: For a longer discussion on this topic, click here:

  • Ironic Nihilism in The Big Lebowski

    Nihilism? What is that? For those who have never had the displeasure of a run-in with Friedrich Nietzsche, I will give a quick rundown of nihilism: There is nothing; nothing . . . nothing . . . nothing; no purpose; no reason . . . nothing—at least there is nothing beyond the perspective of the […]

  • Post Modern Pragmatism: O’ Brother Where Art Thou and The Dark Knight

    O’ Brother Where Art Thou and The Dark Knight are two relatively contemporary movies that are quite different in overall cinematic approach; yet, both are products of their post-modern age, and both rework older stories to present a modern message. O’ Brother is a comedy that humorously reworks Homer’s Odyssey. The light-hearted mockery of the film, along with the often ignorant […]

  • Inception: Is Fiction a Firm Foundation?

    Are you really reading these words? Are you really sitting in that chair? Did you wake up this morning? Take a deep breath. Did your diaphragm just contract and your lungs expand? Look around and listen close. Is what you see and what you hear more than a figment of your imagination? Is your imagination […]