Category: clerihew

  • Orwell

    Eric Arthur Blair Loved to give readers a scare With tales of man’s worst qualities, Their AnimalFarmistic proclivities.

  • Saint Nick: Sinterklaas

    That kind, caring Saint, informally known as Nick— The Lycian protector of children, sailors, and ships— Drifted from history to lore, but for a just cause: A reminder of grace and cheer, that ol’ Sinterklaas.

  • Thomistically Chestertonian

    Gilbert Keith ChesterTon Loved to pen alliteration. The passionate Price of Paradox Massed as much as the Dumb Ox.

  • Tragic-love: Gatsby

    Pity The Great, yet poor, Jay Gatsby: Daisy’s lover, and her patsy. Another tragic American tale Of social status, of love and betrayal.

  • A Thanksgiving Feast on Poetry

    Here is a clerihew or two For me and for you, To commemorate this day When we ought to give thanks.  Today is the day that we give thanks For friends, family, pies, and cakes. But, we mustn’t forget to give thanks for the past Week when we could still fit in our pants.  …