Author: streetlightinc

  • A Betrayal for a Betrayal

    For you I’ve given up my life, it’s true:  I’ve left behind my mother, children, wife  For hopes that now appear to be untrue.  I’ve pled your case. I’ve pled your cause in strife.  Could I have been so blind when all’s at stake?  The children sing and dance and praise your name;  For this my […]

  • Pride is Self-Destructive: Imagery in Macbeth

    Modern culture is dominated by the belief that having pride in one’s self is one of the great sources of strength and comfort in the face of adversity. Conversely, pride in the Christian worldview is the great sin that “leads to every other vice” [1] and “goeth before destruction.”[2] It is for this reason that […]

  • Inception: Is Fiction a Firm Foundation?

    Are you really reading these words? Are you really sitting in that chair? Did you wake up this morning? Take a deep breath. Did your diaphragm just contract and your lungs expand? Look around and listen close. Is what you see and what you hear more than a figment of your imagination? Is your imagination […]