Author: Donald Catchings

  • Reaching the Top

    “Reaching the Top” is a poem from my work, Joy Through a Wardrobe – a book of poetry and reflections on C.S. Lewis’s The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. mybook./joythroughawardrobe

  • 1984: Book Talk

    This is my overview of George Orwell’s 1984. If you have not read the book, fear not; no spoilers lay ahead. If you would like to read more about this book, you can read my article from An Unexpected Journal:

  • Inception: Is Reality a Dream?

    In this video, I discuss Christopher Nolan’s film, Inception, and its stance on whether or not reality is really real. For the Elon Musk video I mention in the talk, click here: For a longer discussion on this topic, click here:

  • Writing a Book

    Are you an aspiring writer? Do you ever get writer’s block? This is an interview I did with Carla at Raised to Walk in which I tackle this very topic.

  • Interview by Raised to Walk

    It was a pleasure to do this interview with Carla Alvarez from Raised to Walk. If you were wanting more information about my book, Joy Through a Wardrobe, please watch the video below and consider subscribing to Raised to Walk’s YouTube channel.

  • Jesus is Truth: The First Principle

    A person’s philosophy of life is the motivating factor that dictates every action taken in the course of that person’s life. The most basic axiomatic point from which a person constructs a philosophy of life is called the first principle. A person’s first principle is the source from which a person derives all metaphysical, epistemological,…

  • Orwell

    Eric Arthur Blair Loved to give readers a scare With tales of man’s worst qualities, Their AnimalFarmistic proclivities.

  • Joy Through a Wardrobe is NOW AVAILABLE!

  • Einstein

    Albert Einstein’s relativistic notion, Like Isaac Newton’s Laws of Motion, Suggest, if we look to infinity and beyond, We’ll see life started not in some primordial pond.

  • Sonny: A Time to Laugh

    Although every memory with Papa is a fond one for me, one that will always stick with me and defines who Papa is to me was in fact a grave occasion. The last time we spoke he comforted me. As I looked down at him lying in the hospital bed, I couldn’t help but tear…