What does it mean to speak?
Images forming images?
Sounds forming sounds?
Thoughts forming thoughts?
The tick of the tongue
Taps against the mouth.
Curling and twisting
Like worms on the ground.
Through the nostrils,
Oxygen’s inhaled.
At the back of the mouth,
Salivation builds.
In the shoot of the throat, 
Two cords vibrate,
Up to the teeth,
Where lungs escape.
Lips open.
Jaw creaks on
its hinges.
Is it just letters
Rolling off the tongue,
Slipping past the gums,
Licking up the lips, 
Jutting forth the chin?
Will those vibration combine?
Will those letters form a rhyme?
If so, will they dare be words?
What’s more, will those words dare be heard?
Will words be sentences?
Will sentences make sense?
What will be made of these images?images, thoughts, sounds
When they come back around?
What will these words be?
What does it mean to speak?
Life or Death.

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