Who Am I?

The bare bones of this poem were handed to me by my grandfather earlier this year. I decided to rework it, fine tune it. The honor of being entrusted with such treasure is nearly unspeakable.

I am Father God’s Child, being Born Again.

I am in His womb and connected

To his umbilical cord.

All things I have or had or will have

Are His, given to me.

My Completion of Birth is at the resurrection.

Seated at the Table of the Marriage

Supper with my Lord Jesus.

All that I have ever longed for will be

There, at His table.

When at my Birth’s Completion, I will have been

Thoroughly cleansed in my Lord’s blood.

Dressed in a White Robe,

I will boldly and blamelessly be presented

To my King Jesus, for ever.

I am His.

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