The Genesis of Adoration

I do not recall exactly, but this may be the first poem I ever authored. I had written many song lyrics before this, but never a poem (officially). I thought it would be nice to see my progress, and look at my thoughts from over a decade ago. I hope it speaks to you.

And for a unique splendor we adore,

More than a man, but a man, nothing more.

Less than this, we travel alone:

Abroad these countries and fields we’ve sown,

United by name; separate by heart;

Loving with shame; stated in part.

Partiality is our name, but we are partial too.

Loved by a savior, a common man we never knew.

Our peace, He is Love,

And comfort He left as a dove

To fly free, to roam,

So Heaven and beyond may be our home.

A Cross, A Trinity among the symbols we deny.

But our God only lived to die.

As we live to spread His life,

We stand, but only out of sight.

Cry out the blood in moments of pain;

But liberate the bread, one in the same.

This is a warning to all who believe:

The Genesis of Adoration cannot be deceived.

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