There was once a little girl named Ally. Ally was a bright child, in wit and demeanor. She was the kind of little girl that brightened up any room she graced with her presence. Some say it was her beautiful strawberry blonde hair. Some say it was her sparkling brown eyes. Some say it was her captivating smile and singing. Some could never make up their mind what made Ally so overwhelming. Nevertheless, all agreed that the world was a better place every time she opened her eyes in the morning.

Ally loved to sing, dance, and, for lack of a better phrase, run up the walls. Ally lived as if she were bursting with an uncontainable joy. She loved sunny days and rainy days, hot days and cold days. Ally even loved going to school and learning. Though at times her rambunctious joy caused a commotion that landed her in the Principal’s office, even the Principal looked forward to the days when Ally’s zealous wonderment earned her a trip to the Principal’s office. Ally was always happy and could never stop talking or singing about how happy she was and how much she loved everything.

            One day at school, while Ally was skipping around on the playground alone and singing her latest favorite song over and over again, a teacher at Ally’s school, who was honestly perturbed by Ally’s constant merry-making, asked Ally, in a rather rude way, “Why are you always so happy? Why do you love everything?” Ally stopped dead in her tracks. After puzzling over the question for a moment, Ally grabbed her teacher by the hand. With a striking and straightforward tone, Ally looked her teacher in the eye and said, “Because I am loved.”

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