A Memory . . . A Thought

     I saw you today . . . I thought— 
I thought my memories would fade.
    But there—But there you stood.
Or at least I thought it was you . . . No—
    No. Of course not . . . Just a trick—
Just a trick of the heart . . . A trick of the eye.
    Your walk. Your stance . . . The way—
The way the wind blew
    Your clothes. Even the wind—
Even the wind thought—
    Thought it was you.
But it wasn’t . . . But it couldn’t . . .
    Of course, it couldn’t be you.
I heard you today . . . Did I?
    I thought my memories—
I thought they would fade.
    But now—But now I realize.
In those moments . . . memories . . .
    When I have time To think—
To think about you . . . You are
    Just as alive today—
Today as ever.
    I really can’t see you.
Still, in my memories . . .
    I really can’t hear you.
Still, in my thoughts . . .
    You really aren’t there.
You live! You speak!
    You are—You are somewhere.
In Heaven, you sing!

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