My First Trip to the Cinema

   I turn and take my seat. I watch the lights 
Dim. ‘Silence please. Your seat. Your seat is here.
  Now, take your seat,’ the kind Usher invites.
It’s quiet. ‘Silence every one,’ I hear
  The kind Usher repeat. I am entranced
In the dim light. My longing strengthens fast.
  I hold my breath. My feet dangle and dance;
I rub my hands and wait. It starts at last.
  The glow is bright. My eyes adjust; my ears
Tune in the rumbling bass. I begin to
  Soak in the joy, the lights, the smells. The cheers
Ring true, as my heart cries, ‘Now, start the cue!’
    The popcorn, snacks, and drink complete the scene.
    The flash of red on screen: Who can it be?

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