A Betrayal for a Betrayal

For you I’ve given up my life, it’s true: 
I’ve left behind my mother, children, wife 
For hopes that now appear to be untrue. 
I’ve pled your case. I’ve pled your cause in strife. 
Could I have been so blind when all’s at stake? 
The children sing and dance and praise your name; 
For this my God will force the Earth to shake. 
How could you let them worship you, your fame? 
As Perfume pours from head to beard to feet, 
My heart, my soul, my mind, my strength all rage. 
You were to be our enemy’s defeat. 
Now I must be the one who will betray. 
Your blasphemy has filled my heart with hate. 
It’s done. It’s done. My kiss will seal your fate.

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